--- Statistical Yearbook of Interior ---


1 Civil Affairs 2 Population 3 Conscription 4 Cooperative & Civil Associations 5 Land Adm.6 Police Adm. 7 Immigration 8 Fire Fighting 9 Construction and Planning 10 Airborne Service11 Architecture and Building Research

 【1 Civil Affairs】

1.01 Administrative System (XLS) (ODF) 1.02 Elections of President, Vice President and the Legislative Yuan (XLS) (ODF)
1.03 General Conditions of Religions (XLS) (ODF) 1.04 General Conditions of Social Services of Religions (XLS)(ODF)
1.05 Use Conditions of Cemeteries (XLS) (ODF) 1.06 Use Conditions of Bone Ashes (Relics) Storing Facilities(XLS) (ODF)
1.07 Use Conditions of Mortuary Homes and Crematories (XLS)(ODF) 1.08 Cases of Mediation (XLS) (ODF)
1.09 Achievements of Local Government Enterprises (XLS)(ODF) 1.10 General Conditions of Martyrs' Shrines (XLS) (ODF)
1.11 General Conditions of Confucian Temples (XLS) (ODF) 1.12 Changes of Administrative of Taiwan Province (XLS) (ODF)

 【2 Population】

2.01 Population by Age (XLS) (ODF) 2.02 Population of 15 Years and Over by Educational Attainment(XLS) (ODF)
2.03 Population by Marital Status (XLS) (ODF) 2.04 Fertility Rates of Childbearing Age Women (XLS) (ODF)
2.05 Deaths by Age (Data Based on Date of Occurrence) 
--by 5-Year Age Group (XLS) (ODF)
--by Single Year of Age (XLS) (ODF)
2.06 Acquirement of the R.O.C. Nationality (XLS) (ODF)
2.07 Loss of the R.O.C. Nationality (XLS) (ODF) 2.08 Restoration of the R.O.C. Nationality and Loss of the R.O.C. Nationality be Withdrawn (XLS) (ODF)
2.09 Handled Cases of Household Registrations (XLS) (ODF) 2.10 Life Expectancy since 1957's (XLS) (ODF)
2.11 Number of Townships & Districts, Villages, Neighborhoods and President Population (XLS) (ODF) 2.12 Couples of Marriages/Divorces, Crude Marriage/Divorce Rate by Sex and Marriage times (XLS) (ODF)
2.13 Divorce Rate of Married Population by Sex and Age (XLS)(ODF) 2.14 Indigenous People 
--by Households (XLS) (ODF)
--by Township and District (XLS) (ODF)

 【3 Conscription】

3.01 Settling-in Allowances and Living Support for Dependents of Draftees in Military Service/Alternative Services Draftees (XLS)(ODF) 3.02 Military Cemeteries (XLS) (ODF)
3.03 Obstruction of Military Service by Causes of Draft, Mustering and Military Service Administration Personnel (XLS)(ODF) 3.04 No. of Alternative Services Draftees by Requiring Governments (XLS) (ODF)
3.05 Military Register Investigation of Males into the Military Service Age by Education (XLS) (ODF)

  【4 Cooperative & Civil Associations】

4.01 The Civil Associations under the Jurisdiction of the Central Government (XLS) (ODF) 4.02 The Civil Associations under the Jurisdiction of the Local Government (XLS) (ODF)
4.03 Cooperative Business (XLS) (ODF)

  【5 Land Adm.】

5.01 Area of Registered Land (XLS) (ODF) 5.02 Number of Registered Land (XLS) (ODF)
5.03 Administration of Land and Buildings Unregistration on Inheritance (XLS) (ODF) 5.04 Registration of Land and Building Rights Obtained by Foreigner (XLS) (ODF)
5.05 Area of Appropriation of Public Land (XLS) (ODF) 5.06 Achievements of Government Loan to the Tiller to Purchase Land (XLS) (ODF)
5.07 Achievements of the Arable Land Rental Reduction to 37.5%(XLS) (ODF) 5.08 Land Purchased by Tenant after the Arable Land Rental Reduction to 37.5%(XLS) (ODF)
5.09 Area of Land Expropriation Purchased by Government (XLS) (ODF) 5.10 Achievements of Urban Land Readjustment (XLS) (ODF)
5.11 Districts and Area of Farm Land Readjustment (XLS) (ODF) 5.12 The Use Zone Designation of Non-urban Land (XLS) (ODF)
5.13 Use Assignment of Non-urban Land (XLS)(ODF) 5.14 The Change of Use Assignment of Non-urban Land (XLS) (ODF)
5.15 Number of Land Administration Agents (XLS) (ODF) 5.16 Achievements of Zone Expropriation (XLS) (ODF)
5.17 Geographical Location in Taiwan (XLS) (ODF) 5.18 Area and Length of Coast in Taiwan (XLS) (ODF)
5.19 Location and Area of Islands in Taiwan (XLS) (ODF) 5.20 Location of Islands on South China Sea (XLS) (ODF)
5.21 Cadastral Management (XLS) (ODF) 5.22 Case Mediated or Conciliated by Farm Land Tenancy Committees (XLS) (ODF)
5.23 Area of Registered Land of Township (XLS) (ODF)

  【6 Police Adm.】

6.01 Students of Central Police University (XLS) (ODF) 6.02 Graduates of Central Police University (XLS) (ODF)
6.03 Graduates of Taiwan Police College (XLS) (ODF) 6.04 Number of Criminal Offenders by Age (XLS) (ODF)
6.05 Number of Criminal Offenders by Education (XLS) (ODF) 6.06 Number of Criminal Offenders by Occupation (XLS) (ODF)
6.07 Business for Selling Stolen Goods (XLS) (ODF) 6.08 Discovered Economic Frauds Handled by Police Organizations (XLS) (ODF)
6.09 Crime Victims (XLS) (ODF) 6.10 Road Traffic Accidents (XLS) (ODF)
6.11 Illegal Firearms, Ammunition and Knives Captured by Police Organizations (XLS) (ODF)

  【7 Immigration】

7.01 Non-household-registered Residents (XLS) (ODF) 7.02 Overstayed Non-household-registered People with Resident Visa (XLS) (ODF)
7.03 Foreign Residents (XLS) (ODF) 7.04 No. of Recorded Entry/Exit Persons by Age and Elapsed Days (XLS) (ODF)
7.05 Household Registered Nationals with Residency in Foreign Nations and Non-household-registered People with Residency in R.O.C. all the year (XLS) (ODF)

  【8 Fire Fighting】

8.01 Fire Fighters (XLS) (ODF) 8.02 Volunteer Fire Fighters (XLS) (ODF)
8.03 The Equipment of Fire Engines and Ambulances (XLS)(ODF) 8.04 Fire Water Sources (XLS)(ODF)
8.05 Supervised Buildings with Fire Safety Equipment (XLS)(ODF) 8.06 Supervised Objects with Fire Safety Equipment (XLS) (ODF)
8.07 Inspection and Supervision of Safety Installation for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (XLS) (ODF) 8.08 Loses Caused by Natural Disasters (XLS)(ODF)
8.09 Registration and Inspection of Fire Safety Equipment (XLS) (ODF) 8.10 Safety Inspection and Outlaw Enforcement with Firecrackers and Fireworks (XLS)(ODF)
8.11 The Conditions of Fire Protection Management (XLS) (ODF)

  【9 Construction and Planning】

9.01 Districts and Area in Urban Planning Districts (XLS) (ODF) 9.02 Population and Density in Urban Planning Districts (XLS)(ODF)
9.03 Land Use District Area of Urban Planning Districts (XLS)(ODF) 9.04 Area of Land Used for Public Facilities of Urban Planning(XLS) (ODF)
9.05 Practicing Offices and Persons of Architects (XLS) (ODF) 9.06 Number and Capital of Construction Enterprises (XLS)(ODF)
9.07 Public Housing Construction (XLS) (ODF) 9.08 Government Loans for Purchasing House 
Before 2009 (XLS) (ODF)
After 2009 (XLS) (ODF)
9.09 Visitors, Vehicles of Recreation Spots in National (Nature) Parks (XLS) (ODF) 9.10 Illegal Conducts in National (Nature) Parks (XLS) (ODF)
9.11 Area, Public Facilities & Wildlife in National (XLS) (ODF) 9.12 The Conditions of Sanitary Sewer Systems (XLS) (ODF)
9.13 Storm Sewer System Plans (XLS) (ODF) 9.14 Interpretation Services in National (Nature) Parks (XLS)(ODF)
9.15 The Constructed Length and Facilities of Sanitary Sewer Systems (XLS) (ODF) 9.16 Statistics of Condominium Management Company (XLS)(ODF)
9.17 Inspection for Elevator (XLS) (ODF) 9.18 Security Inspection of Mechanical Resort Facilities (XLS)(ODF)
9.19 Statistics of Inspection Public Buildings for Declarable(XLS) (ODF) 9.20 Building Interior Constructors & Professional Technicians with License (XLS) (ODF)
9.21 Statistics of Advertisement Management (XLS) (ODF)  

  【10 Airborne Service】

10.01 Service Statistics of National Airborne Service Corps (XLS)(ODF)

  【11 Architecture and Building Research】

11.01 Cases Approved for Green Building Label (XLS) (ODF)